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The early cowboys western style was much different than the western wear worn now in Wolf WY 82844, but it laid an important foundation for the types of western wear that is worn today in Wolf WY 82844. Western wear began to be prominent in America during the 19th Century. Famous wild west characters, such as Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp, wore cowboy attire in their day in Wolf WY 82844.

Simplicity was the main theme with cowboy attire in the early days. They wore shirts that did no buttons or collars so they could easily pull their shirts on and off. They also wore simple trousers, with canvas tucked inside for their legs protection.

Bandannas were a popular choice for cowboys. Bandannas were worn around their neck to protect it from the harsh sun. Bandannas could also be placed
around their faces for protection against dust storms.

Another important accessory to the cowboys in Wolf WY 82844 were their hats. Cowboy hats were useful for multiple things. It provided protection from the sun reaching their face, kept them from getting overheated during while working out doors, and provided a way to drink water easily when they came upon streams.

These simple styles of clothing were overemphasized a little when Hollywood began producing Western movies. Popular western movie stars, such as John Wayne, made cowboys popular once more. The western style and cowboy hats became even more recognizable.

Cowboy apparel were introduced to the general public during the 1960s. The public began wearing them more regularly, and they became a popular choice in attire. Even the Beatles were seen wearing cowboy hats and boots on more than one occasion.

Once the general public became introduced to western wear the style began to change. Nashville country music stars wore cowboy attire to their concerts and in music videos. They introduced more trendy styled cowboy attire, with clothing items such as distressed leather.

Western wear in Wolf WY 82844 can now be anything from authentic pioneer replicas to stylish Nashville country music star diamond studded boots. There are a variety of options to choose from now a days. With so many options old and young alike are able to find styles they enjoy much easier.

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